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the flow of nature

With each swallow, Purora makes sure that you can enjoy the flow of nature.

purora - because you want to know what you are eating

the flow of nature

An Overview

You can clearly see the ingredients of our Smoothies and SmoothSoups.

the flow of nature

The Push of a Button

You can mix pure freshness whenever you want, whether warm (raw, 42°C), hot (52°C) or cold.

the flow of nature

An Experience

Perfectly harmonized recipes ensure the best taste, do the body good and are especially nutritious.

the flow of nature

The Secret

Twenty-three selected plants are used

in our herbal water to create each Smoothie and SmoothSoup. They will assist your health, your digestion and ensure the natural freshness of bio fruits, bio vegetables and bio super-foods.

the flow of nature

For Your Health

Secondary ingredients revitalize the body & spirit and support it in a natural manner.

the flow of nature

For Your Digestion

Aromatic herbs that promote digestion strengthen absorption and improve the receipt of nutrients.

the flow of nature


The anti-oxidizing and anti-bacterial ingredients extend durability in a natural manner.

Each swallow of Purora provides nothing less than pure nature in its liveliest form.




The importance of fresh, nutritional and natural food as a component of a healthy daily meal that taste goods is well-known to modern man. As the important basis for healthy nutrition, fresh and unprocessed vegetables, fruits and nuts are an especially rich source of important vitamins, minerals, trace elements, enzymes, unsaturated fats and nutritional materials and ballast.

By pureeing of vegetable and fruit mixtures ideally in the Purora mixer and the option of heating to 42°C using the built-in heating feature, the vital components and vitamins can retain and improve access to the valuable plant nutrients. When combined with the revitalizing Purora herbal elixirs, our Smoothies & SmoothSoups can provide energy and a feeling of wellness.

Frau haltet Glas mit Purora Smoothie

purora Smoothies & SmoothSoups

Each glass of Purora holds a lot of knowledge about the special natural components. They taste good and people feel it.

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Gemüse in Händen

Enjoy the natural flow of life.

Purora pays special attention to biological, regional and seasonal ingredients. It is good for the environment. It is good for you.

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The Natural Herbal Elixirs from Purora

They will give your body the balance it needs.

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The powerful mixer with the special infrared technology

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Power is found at rest. Mixing becomes half as loud.

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