Eating is more than a simple need for satisfaction.

Wherever you are, Purora makes sure that you can enjoy the flow of nature.

Our hectic modern world is focused on the quick, short-term appeasement of appetites. We meet this conviction of the lack of time with fresh offerings and findings about content and taste. Purora is based on the philosophy that the body and spirit must be strengthened by natural food that is full of vital ingredients import to all of life.

The needs for biologically organic fruits and vegetables have already been met, so that our bodies can absorb and digest them, simply and easily.

For many years, nature has known many secrets.
We have rediscovered a couple of them for you.

Purora is combining ancient knowledge and new ideas. Long before our modern life style, people have known the secret of how natural types of fresh nutrition could help them live longer. A variety of storage techniques and approaches to the shapes of containers are examples of this. We have researched such things in depth, benefitted from them and developed our own herbal essences that ensure the ideal durability of the Purora Smoothies and SmoothSoups.

The results are excellent products that draw the best out of nature through refined, natural nuances of taste, swallow by swallow, spoon by spoon, drop by drop and always arriving fresh at your home.

Heinz Pöttinger isst Gemüse am Feld

When the spirit is in balance, it can perceive the beauty of a shining, healthy, well-nourished body. I am convinced of this.

Unterschrift Heinz Pöttinger

For me, meals enriched with nutrients are meals full of enjoyment, which give life to my body and spirit. Food should provide the best possible support for my thinking and activity. This is best accomplished when it is biologically organic and fresh. For me, this includes trying to treat myself and my environment with respect.


How the idea of Purora was created:

I grew up on a biologically organic farm, where food rich in nutrients were a given. I only became aware that this was not a given after I left the nest. From there, I started to consider the quality of food and quickly noticed what was good for my body and what was not. For that reason, I searched for food that was nutritious and full of vital ingredients. I discovered this combination in self-made smoothies.

During the daily routine, I noticed how much effort I put into shopping, washing, peeling, cutting, clearing, cleaning and storing things. Unfortunately, I still haven’t found any healthy, enjoyable alternatives for these things. However, it did motivate me and created the idea of producing fresh, bio-organic smoothies using natural ingredients that would endure longer. It was important to me to avoid the conventional methods like freezing, pasteurization, sterilization or the use of chemical additives.

This resulted in the vision of bringing food to the market, which would be overflowing with vitality and nutrition for people and nature because of its natural freshness.

After 3 years of research and development,

I would like to show you that entering a natural flow is good for everybody. With Purora, people have the option of eating healthy, fresh meals that are fast & good rather than fast & food–food that is biologically organic, nutritious, rich in vital ingredients and vegan.

We combine fresh biologically organic fruits & vegetables with super-foods that revitalize people and life-giving spring water. With Purora, we rely on a lively combination of the fruits of this Earth and enrich them using our Purora elixirs.

Inspired by millennia of ancient wisdom from Asian and European herbal arts, we developed the entirely unique Purora herbal elixirs. In addition to ancient wisdom and the teachings of the five elements from Chinese medicine, modern knowledge from the agricultural sciences has been used in the creation of these herbal elixirs. The special mixtures of seeds, roots, leaves, rinds and berries provides support for the natural durability of the Purora Smoothies and SmoothSoups and offers numerous health advantages.

I am excited about the ability to provide food with vital ingredients in the form of Smoothies & SmoothSoups.

Enjoy Purora in the natural flow of life.

Heinz Pöttinger

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