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Smoothies & SmoothSoups

Something for every taste.
Discover your favorite types.

Throughout human history, plants, fruits and herbs have been an important component of nutrition. Fresh and unprocessed vegetables, fruits and nuts are especially rich sources of vitamins, minerals, trace elements, enzymes, unsaturated fats and nutritional materials and ballast.

That makes every swallow so valuable for you. Biologically organic, of course. Vegan, of course. As pure as nature itself.


  • are especially rich in minerals, trace elements, vitamins and secondary plant materials.
  • have the potential to have a positive comprehensive, healthy effect on the body.
  • You will find the classic, established super-foods, like green vegetables, berries, nuts and seed in the Purora Smoothies and SmoothSoups.
  •  The Purora PLUS Smoothies and SmoothSoups have been especially enriched with valuable super-foods. We have looked for and selected especially effects vitalizing fungi, algae and plants from around the world for you.

Purora herbal water

Pure spring water entriched with the Purora herbal elixirs

Purora herbal elixirs:

  • twenty-three selected plants with super-food characteristics from around the world.
  • inspired by the Western and traditional Chinese herbal healing arts
  • tasteful and wonderfully balanced for thermal effects for strengthening the abdomen
  • with valuable bitters for strengthening absorption
  • containing essential minerals, trace elements and secondary plant nutrients
  • extending the durability of the Smoothies and SmoothSoups in a natural manner

Spring water:

springing directly from the depths of the foothills of the Alps, this fresh, untreated, clear spring water bubbles into our production site and into your glass; live water for your natural flow.


Seasonal, biologically organic ingredients

  • fresh, natural and unprocessed
  • maturing under biologically organic checks
  • with high-quality nutrients, like carbohydrates, proteins and healthy fats
  • rich in essential vitamins, trace elements, minerals, phytonutrients and ballast
  • as regional and seasonal as possible, adjusted to the time of year.
It is that simple
  • Order your favorite types
  • Mix them using the Purora ThermóTwist
  • with the newer RawMix heating techology
  • perfectly proportioned
  • naturally sustainable and fresh (8 days)
  • You can clearly see what it contains.
and it is so good
  • perfectly harmonized recipes
  • with Purora herbal water (based on Asian and European herbal healing arts)
  • with special super-foods
  • naturally sustainable and fresh (8 days)
  • nutritious & rich in vital ingredients
  • 100% Bio-organic
  • 100% vegan
  • as regional and seasonal as possible
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