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The TwistBox is available in pure white.



The ThermóTwist needs a lot of power to mix & heat your SmoothSoups. It makes close to a powerful 78 decibels of noise. To make it a little bit quieter, we developed the TwistBox. Using this accessory makes the ThermóTwist half as loud.

Regardless of locations in cafes, office ktichens, cantinas or at home, everyone will benefit from the additional quietness of this combination in our busy world.


Dimensions in cm (BxHxT) in cm (W/D/H)
TwistBox 24,5 x 35,6 x 20 24,5 x 20 x 35,6
Net weight 1180 g
Net weight (TwistBox + ThermòTwist) 3720 g