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God of the Sun

Nutritional sun power

Stored cool, remains fresh naturally for 8 days

herbal bio water, bio tomatoes, bio celery, bio carrots, bio sweet potatoes, bio agave syrup, bio ginger, bio chives, bio olive oil, bio starch, rock salt, bio herbs, anti-oxidizing ascorbic acid (vitamin C)



Red is the color of the Sun as well as symbolizing warmth, activity and love in Chinese medicine. The sweet-acidic, bright red cherry tomatoes, combined with the sweet-earthy aroma of bulbous celery, refined with notes of sharp, revitalizing ginger root are united in our Helios product as a revitalizing and warming taste experience.

Originally found in South America, Christopher Columbus brought tomato plants to Europe, where it has been called the “love apple”. It is a member of the nightshade family, with few calories but a number of vitamins, like B1, B2, B6 and C. Its aromatic, sweetly acidic taste has made it into one of the most beloved vegetables in the world.

The internally golden yellow ginger root, known in the Asian world for centuries as a highly prized aid to healing and as a spice, has taken over European cuisine in recent years. It contains more than 100 various components that have a number of properties that promote health. It is highly prized because of its effects of warming the body, promoting digestion and working against oxidizing effects.

Celery has been counted among the magical healing plant of Europe for centuries, with the attribution of aphrodisiac, magical and protective powers. This nutritious summer and winter vegetable is rich in vitamins and minerals, can be stored easily and is popular for making soups. Its basic effect deserves special attention, as do its content of potassium and calcium.

The balanced composition of good-tasting fruits, vegetables, herbs and the Purora herbal water will nourish your body and spirit.
Taste the sweet, sharp power of the Helian Sun and enjoy the flow of nature.