Freshly produced every monday and tuesday.



Goddess of the Earth

Earthy and nutritious

Stored cool, remains fresh naturally for 8 days

water, 15% bio celery, 15% bio pears, 9% bio carrots, 1.5% herbal bio-extracts, 1% bio chives, bio lemon, bio vinegar, bio pepper, bio olive oil, bio orange oil, bio parsnips, bio potato starch, rock salt, bio herbs, anti-oxidizing ascorbic acid (vitamin C)



Yellow is the color of the bountiful earth in traditional Chinese medicine and symbolizes nutritional power and stability. Our Gaia-plus SmoothSoup captures this energy in the form of tubers and sun-ripened pears. We have specially selected valuable superfoods from the full variety of options. These are the BIG 5. The plus sign indicates this mixture of superfoods.

The juicy sweetness of the pears, combined with the sweet-earthy power of tubers and aromatic tones of caraway and enriched with our BIG 5 superfoods, makes Gaia-plus into a re-vitalizing, healthy taste experience full of natural power.

Taste the full power of nature and the energy of Gaia-plus and experience the flow of nature.

The balanced composition of good-tasting fruits, vegetables, herbs and the Purora herbal water will strengthen your body in a natural manner.

Taste the natural power of Gaia and feel the flow of nature.