Bio Fresh Elixier


50 ml – Ingredients: bio acerola cherries, bio lemon grass, bio peppermint leaves

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Taste this elixir and experience the freshness of nature.

We have captured the life-giving freshness of these vitamin-rich plants and created a unique combination.

Acerola cherries: these small, round, bright red and sour tasting fruits are counted among the plants most rich in vitamin C around the world. This bush fruit originating from Central and South America is an especially healthy, desirable super-food. The Mayans and other indigenous peoples of Latin America knew about the numerous effects of acerola cherries that promote health. The anti-oxidizing effect of natural vitamin C, which strengthens the immune system, supports the body’s defensive system ideally. The refreshing acidic tones of the taste of the acerola cherry lends a revitalizing, strengthening components to the Bio Fresh elixir.

Lemon grass: the tart, exotic aroma of this herb’s similarity to lemon reminds people of its tropical origin. The evergreen leaves, which are counted among the Southern grass plants, are strongly anchored in Asian cuisine and healing arts for millennia. A refreshing, aroma smelling of wellness flows from the fine ground leaves. In the traditional arts of herbal healing, lemon grass is highly valued because of its cleansing and protective effects on the body. In addition to the valuable bitter ingredients, lemon grass contains etheric oils, to which anti-oxidizing and anti-inflammatory effects have been ascribed. These effects give the unmistakable, exotic aroma to the Bio Fresh elixir and refresh in a healthy manner that does the body good.

Peppermint: crushed between fingers, a light, sharp aroma flows from the deep green leaves and motivates and gives life in a manner that does a body good. The bright red, purple-white blooming plants prosper especially well in shaded locations rich in nutrients. Largely, its application supports digestion and activate the metabolism. Its cooling freshness gives life to the entire body, provides more ease and give an especially life-giving energy to the Bio Fresh elixir.

Recommendations for Consumption Take 2-3 ml twice daily mixed with water.
Tip: enjoy the cooling freshness mixed with a maximum of 500 ml of water during work and at leisure.
Note: A balanced, fresh, nutritional supplement rich in vitamins that serves as a foundation for health and vitality.

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