Bio Detox Elixir


50ml – Ingredients: bio alcohol, bio dandelion roots/leaves, bio stinging nettle, bio turmeric root, bio holy thistle seeds, bio ginger root, bio coriander seeds

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Inspired by the Western and Chinese herbal healing arts, we combined 6 special plants into one balanced detox combination for you. The special mixture of aromatic, bitter, energetic, warming and cooling plants creates a comfortable detoxification and makes it possible for the body to release ballast, which increases the feeling of wellness and develops a person’s internal potential.

Dandelions: yellow in the spring, these flowers symbolize clarity and help a person’s internal sun to shine. The cooling and bitter quality of the roots and leaves simultaneously create channeling, detoxifying and toning effects, especially in the muscles.

Stinging nettle: the tender bitterness, mild salty-sweet tasting, deep green leaves simultaneously have a cleansing, channeling and protective effect. Sometimes called the mistress of the essence, they help to cleanse and create new power.
Turmeric: the internally orange, juicy and tart, aromatic bulbous roots are a fixed component of Asian cuisine and healing arts. Their various secondary nutrients have a regulatory effect on the metabolism and promote the body’s natural cleansing function.

Holy thistle: the small, dark brown, shiny seeds, which mature to a marvelously purple flower, have a slightly bitter taste and an especially positive effect on the liver’s energy. Their components are beneficial to the liver and its detoxifying function and therefore promote the feeling of wellness.

Ginger: with its fresh sharpness, the golden yellow bulb of Asian cuisine and medicine strengthens the body’s absorption ability, activates the metabolism and ideally balances the detoxification elixir’s thermal effects.
Coriander: the bulbous aromatic, flowery little fruits are counted among the most beloved of the oriental spices. In addition to their flavorful components, they support the expulsion effect of our detoxification elixir, while also toning the digestive system’s energy.

Recommendations for Consumption At best, take 2-3 ml twice daily mixed with 500 ml of water.
To achieve the ideal detoxification effects, we recommend taking this elixir for a period of 10-14 days.
During this period, pay special attention to your body and spirit.
Note: in particular, avoid sugary, greasy and salty food and make sure to drink enough fluids during the detoxification period.

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