Bio Bloodberry Elixir


50ml – Ingredients: bio-alcohol, bio-mulberries, bio-chokeberries, bio-goji berries

Taste, enjoy and feel the living power of berries.
We have chosen 3 very special berries that vitalize the body for our Bloodberry elixir.

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Mulberries: viewed botanically, the taste of these fruits from trees seduces with their intensive juices. Mulberry trees, whose leaves serve silk worms as food, are counted among the oldest plants cultivated by humans. Depending on the species, the color of their fruits ranges from white to red to dark purple. From antiquity, the romance of Pyramus and Thisbe tells how mulberries got their dark coloring. The blood of the two lovers stained the white fruit of the mulberry tree to dark purple and the fruits serve as a symbol of their eternal love. The mature, deep purple berries from the mulberry tree are especially rich in vitamins, minerals, numerous secondary plant materials, protein and give the Bloodberry mix a nicely sweet taste.

Chokeberries: with their finely acidic herbal taste, the spherical dark purple to black berries are rich in vitamins, anti-oxidizing polyphenols and minerals. The original bushes called apple berries originated in Canada resists the impact of winter and are especially resistant. The plants that North American Indians called “níki´ mínún“ was considered a healing plant and exceptional desired for winter stores. From Russia, it found its way to Europe and become a part of our agriculture. Harvest in late summer, the mature berries make the Bloodyberry mix into an essential source of ingredients and liveliness for you.

Goji berries: tender purple blooms mature in the late summer into small, bright-red lustrous fruits, which remind people of a mixture of cherries and cranberries with their sweet, fruity-herby taste. The berries of the so-called matrimony vine have been a fixed component of Chinese cuisine and the healing arts for centuries. They have traditionally been counted among the immortality plants in Asia. In traditional Chinese medicine, they are valued for their healing effects on blood. The anti-oxidizing potential of the goji berry made them into a super-food and known as anti-aging secret throughout the world. Their sweet fruity tones unite with their wealth of essential minerals, values nutrients and secondary plant materials, which makes the Bloodberry mix into a tasty tonic.

Recommendations for Consumption Take 2-3 ml twice daily mixed with water.
Tip: enjoy the sweet power of berries mixed with a maximum of 500 ml of water during work and at leisure.
Note: A balanced, fresh, nutritional supplement rich in vitamins that serves as a foundation for health and vitality.

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