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What is ballast?
Do we need ballast at all, if so, why and how much?

Ballast consists mostly of polysaccharides that people cannot digest. They are large molecules that form in the cell walls and fixed structures in plants and fungi. They bind with water in the digestive tract and ensure that stools are soft and bowel movements remain regular.
Even more importantly, science is discovering an increasing number of secrets and the previously negative meaning of “ballast” is being reexamined.
If we feed the bacteria in the colon, which is often called “micro-bacteria” today, a sufficient amount of ballast, they can work ideally and:

  • produce messengers that serve to improve people’s moods.
  • stimulate the formation of anti-inflammatory substances
  • form short-chain fatty acids that protect the heart and fibers
  • strengthen and train the immune system
  • keep the mucus membranes in the colon healthy and protect against germs

“Health is found in the colon.” Science is continuously re-confirming this ancient wisdom. All the same, our Western, often refined and industrial, nutrition gets too little ballast.

The recommendation is to eat 30 to 50 g per day, which corresponds to twice the amount that is currently consumed on average.
Vegetables, fruits, seeds, whole grain products and legumes are not only rich in vitamins and minerals, but also contain a number of types of ballast. Flax seeds, wheat bran, fleawort shells, lentils, almonds, oatmeal and several types of vegetables and fruits are rich in ballast.

Several portion of various foods rich in ballast, in combination with sufficient fluids, will supply our micro-bacteria with the nutrition necessary for life. If we give them what they need, they will do their job ideally and ensure regularity and actively contribute to our health and vitality.

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