frisches Obst und Gemüse auf Kommode

Everything was Fresh Once

Sun-ripened, rosy apples and sweet pears, juicy, fruity raspberries and aromatic herbs from a person’s own garden: fresh, biologically healthy fruits, vegetables and herbs for everyone’s enjoyment.

In our modern society, dominated by industrial nutritional production and prepared meals, many people want to have this freshness again.

Unprocessed, natural and fresh food ripened under biologically controlled conditions have an elementary meaning for a healthy body. A broad spectrum of nutrients, vitamins, trace elements and minerals supports the body ideally through their natural features and can effect a number of effects that promote health.

Sweet yellow apples, bright red tomatoes, dark blue berries, fresh green lettuce or crisp orange carrots; the variety of fruits and vegetables is astonishingly colorful and tastes good. As a basic component of a daily diet, sufficient vegetables and fruit are the foundation for healthy balanced nutrition.

The following advantages of unprocessed nutrition from plants must be noted in particular.

  • In comparison with processed industrial nutrition, the physiological, nutritional value of fresh, raw food is especially high and therefor forms the basis for healthy, balanced nutrition.
  • Fresh vegetables and fruits are particularly rich in the essential vitamins, minerals, trace elements and secondary plant materials that necessary for life, such as flavonoids.
  • The basic effect of fresh, raw vegetables and fruits can help the body to improve the balance of basic and acidic materials. When the level of acids and bases are balanced, the feeling of wellness is increased and health is promoted.
  • The enzymes contained in processed nutrition can help the absorption and digestion processes. Of course, the enzymes can be destroyed by heat and are then not available to the body.
  • Similarly, the important vitamins C and B1 are sensitive to heat, in which case fresh, raw food can serve as ideal sources of these vitamins.
  • Fresh, unprocessed vegetables, fruits and seed are rich in ballast, which is necessary for ideal digestion and colon health.


In pursuing the mission of our company, we only use vegetables, fruits, nuts and herbs from controlled, biological farms to make our smoothies and smooth soups. High-quality and healthy food without pesticides, herbicides and artificial fertilizers are healthier on the one hand and, on the other hand, you will be helping to support agricultural that is oriented an ecology that values the protection of species and sustainability.

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