Our digestion has the ability to convert nutrients and drinks into the body’s own substances necessary for life. This makes growth possible, supplies us with energy and forms the basis for health and a feeling of well-being. Special attention must be given to the balanced composition of carbohydrates, proteins and fats with sufficient vitamins, minerals and trace elements. For that reason, we need high-quality food rich in vital ingredients on the one hand and, on the other hand, they should also be reduced sufficiently for digestion so that they can converted and absorbed by the body. To help the ability of this process function ideally, attention must be given to the composition, quantity and preparation of the food.

Enzymes that are important for digestion are released as the food is chewed in the mouth. In particular, they help with reducing the carbohydrates and support their absorption by the body. For that reason, smoothies should not be drunk, but rather eaten using spoons, in order to achieve the ideal effect. To support the natural digestive and absorption processes, our Smoothies will be finely mixed in the ThermoTwist mixers we have developed and can be gently heated as needed. Our digestive tracts can absorb the valuable nutrients and vital materials more easily by doing so.

Fruits, vegetables, herbs and roots are especially rich in aromatic components, bitters, anti-oxidants and many other valuable ingredients. These so-called secondary ingredients serve to protect the plants against pests and give them aroma, taste and color, among other side-effects. These bio-active substances can induce numerous effects that promote health for us as people. In particular, properties that promote digestion, anti-oxidization, moderation of the immune system, and regulation of blood sugar and pressure as well as anti-inflammatory properties have been proven in herbs, roots, berries and fungi.

For that reason, we have enriched our fruit and vegetable combinations with a special mixture of herbal water using more than 20 plants from our Earth. This aromatic herbal water helps the digestive process and makes absorption of the essential nutrients and vital ingredients in the Smoothies easier. At the same time, the flowers, leaves, roots, rinds, berries and seeds contained in Purora herbal water supply minerals, vitamins and secondary plant materials.

“The colon is the root of all health” according to Hippocrates. This wisdom from 2000 years ago from the founder of medicine is even more important today. In addition to absorption, the colon also plays a decisive role in defending against pathogens and strengthening the immune system. In this sense, an ideally functioning digestive tract is the basis for well-being, immunity and energy for us. Supplying our bodies with high-quality food daily, which has been reduced, converted and absorbed in our power chamber, has an elementary significance. For that reason, we also focus on supporting the digestive function and optimizing absorption in the fruit, vegetable and herbal combinations we create and enrich with vital ingredients. By doing this, we deliver the foundation of a day full of energy, life and a feeling of wellness.



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